The Brands YICHITA Cooperated

High quality and excellent management have brought YICHITA cooperation with many brands.There are not only top companies who focus on e-commerce business such as T-mall and, but also building materials market leaders such as Sanit-Gobain. Here are some of the clients YICHITA has worked with. Saint-Gobain The world leader in the habitat and construction […]

History of Yunqing

Yunqing’s history is more than just the stores they’ve built, the partnerships they’ve made and the customers they’ve served. So much of their history is in the details. See how Shanghai Yunqing team began and how they’ve grown. 2014 Shanghai Yunqing Industrial Co., Ltd.was born and successfully received National Industrial Production License and Certification of […]

High Quality -YICHITA Seeks

Different from normal products, face mask as PPE, its safety and reliability are placed in the first place. Like many international brands, YICHITA pursues top quality.The company has a set of strict standards for raw materials, workshops and inspection. Raw Material Inspection The QA department establishes strict inspection standards for incoming materials and carries out […]

Domestic and National Exhibitions

Lauch YICHITA brand to Domestic and International Market. 2019 Attended NSC 2019 (National Saftey Council), the most famous PPE exhibition in America and presented the latest products at the show. 2020 Attended CIOSH 100 in Shanghai and Beijing and received explosive order demand. 2021 Attended CIOSH 100plus in Shanghai and The latest NIOSH approved N95 […]

CIOSH 100 Plus

In China, the expansion of COVID-19 has been slowed down significantly through the effort of all contributors, including governments, nongovernments, and civil society. All collaborators have been actively involved in combating the epidemic, using their respective strengths to play their roles. China has mitigated the number of cases due to the mobilization of the whole […]

About Brand YICHITA Founder

Brand YICHITA is founded by Mr. Heng. As a professional engineer in PPE industry, he graduated from Dalian University of Technology, one of the famous “four major engineering colleges” in China.At the beginning of year 2000, he joined the Personal Safety Protection Department of 3M China, and worked as a senior engineer of production technology […]

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