High Quality -YICHITA Seeks

Different from normal products, face mask as PPE, its safety and reliability are placed in the first place.

Like many international brands, YICHITA pursues top quality.The company has a set of strict standards for raw materials, workshops and inspection.

Raw Material Inspection
The QA department establishes strict inspection standards for incoming materials and carries out strict tests for each lot. Only those who meet the requirements are allowed to enter the warehouse.

Dust-free workshop
Though YICHITA receives an explosion in orders since the COVID-19 outbreak,the company still insists on strict control for every production procedure.Every day before entering the workshop, all workers are required to finish the corresponding disinfection work.

TSI 8130 and TSI 8130A
To ensure the unify standards of each production, YICHITA built his own lab and imported TSI 8130 and TSI 8130A which are the world’s most-used filter tester. Testing machin 8130A now offers higher sensitivity and resolution – up to 99.9999 percent efficiency has been produced with Emery oil at concentrations of 200 mg/m³. It is commonly applied to USA commercial respirator regulation 42 CFR part 84,Chinese respirator standard GB2626,Japanese respirator standard JMOL and European EN 143. Its’ highly consistent test results keep sure each lot 100% meet the standards.

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