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You Must Wear a N95 Mask in California to Protect Yourself From Wildfire Smoke

I knew I had to do something when the Northern California Wirefire started to burn in order to protect my family and I from the airborne smoke from wildfires. I bought a N95 mask to wear when the air quality was at its worst, and boy, did it get terrible! The smoke was full of […]

How Long May One Possibly Remain Safe While Wearing a N95 Mask?

It is always essential to know how long you can wear a N95 mask in an emergency situation before it loses its effectiveness. This is true whether you are in the path of a storm or simply want to be prepared. If you are wearing a mask to protect yourself from the germs and pollutants […]

“I hate wearing a mask.” Three years after the outbreak, the feeling of Americans has changed.

In the United States, the debate over masks has also begun. The United States has lifted its obligation to wear face masks indoors Since the start of 2022, U.S. states have announced a series of bans on wearing masks indoors. In New York, the government has lifted the requirement to wear face masks indoors, following […]

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