CIOSH 100 Plus

In China, the expansion of COVID-19 has been slowed down significantly through the effort of all contributors, including governments, nongovernments, and civil society. All collaborators have been actively involved in combating the epidemic, using their respective strengths to play their roles. China has mitigated the number of cases due to the mobilization of the whole society and collaborators joining collective efforts and actions in solidarity to tackle and conquer the virus.

Under the collaborative effort of the Chinese government and cooperation of whole nation , the COVID-19 epidemic in China has been well controlled. And our life and work gradually return to Normal.

China International Occupational Safety & Healthcare Goods Expo (CIOSH) 100 Plus was co-organized by China Textile Commerce Association and Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd during April 14th to 16th in Shanghai. As an exhibition covering the entire PPE industry chain, 100 plus CIOSH will not only showcase the advanced technology and equipment on work safety, but also focus on industry hotspots and latest trends to provide customized solutions for PPE enterprises.

At the same time, CIOSH 2021 set up a special zone for anti-pandemic supplies, where raw materials and equipment producers and foreign trade companies of high-quality anti-pandemic supplies across China gathered together under one roof. The special zone was designed to meet the demand of global buyers and suppliers for anti-pandemic supplies.As one of the outstanding manufacturers of respiratory protection, Shanghai Yunqing Industrial Co., Ltd. also attended CIOSH 2021 exhibition.In this exhibition, Shanghai Yunqing displayed their latest CDC NIOSH certified N95 products which got favor by most of the customers.

One of the praise from the Japanese ABO Dental Clinic has greatly encouraged Shanghai Yunqing team.The director of ABO Dental Clinic gave A high degree of evaluation to the excellent product quality of YQD95 N95 mask.He also praised that Shanghai Yunqing Industrial Co., Ltd. is a first-class manufacturing enterprise in China.

YICHITA, your respiratory expert.

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