About Brand YICHITA Founder

Brand YICHITA is founded by Mr. Heng. As a professional engineer in PPE industry, he graduated from Dalian University of Technology, one of the famous “four major engineering colleges” in China.At the beginning of year 2000, he joined the Personal Safety Protection Department of 3M China, and worked as a senior engineer of production technology research and development.Thanks for the working experience of 3M, Mr. Heng became a veteran expert in respiratory protection with rich experience and broader cognition of PPE products.For more than 20 years, He keeps committing to the innovation and improvement of production technology of respiratory protection products and has more than 10 national patents. As a senior expert in the field of respiratory protection in China, he participated in the drafting of China’s national standard GB2626-2006. In year 2016, Mr. Heng started to join Yunqing group and quickly set up a professional team with first-class technology.At the same time,he worked hard to improve the production process and product detail, and in a short period founded the brands “YICHITA “,” Yaoqin “and “miyuki”, respectively focusing on the medical, industrial and civil respiratory usage. In 2020, with the efforts of Mr Heng and his team, Shanghai Yunqing Industrial Co., Ltd. became the ninth manufacturer in China to successfully obtain NIOSH certification.

In the process of many years of work, Mr Heng always adheres to his dream, “China’s respiratory protection products need national brands, need top quality.” In the spring of 2018, the professional respiratory protection brand “YICHITA” was born. Mr Heng and his team wish to bring the end customers with the best PPE products with military quality, affordable price and ultra-high performance.

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