YICHITA- Helping Fight COVID-19

On the eve of the Lunar New Year’s Eve in 2019, which should have been a national celebration of the Chinese New Year, the news of coronavirus infection broke the peace.

Coronavirus has all the people rushing to buy face masks. In a short time,we were surprised to find that all masks were out of stock.As the heath care system strains to accommodate the unprecedented challenge of the coronavirus outbreak, many medical professionals on the front lines do not have adequate protection.

When the world needs YICHITA, YICHITA is there to help. That has never been clearer than during YICHITA response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

YICHITA employees responded early and rapidly to the pandemic. The front-line production staff started to have CNY holiday on January 16th. However, on January 17th,a team of more than 30 people were gathered urgently.Some colleagues who were supposed to back home for CNY holiday cancelled their tickets and silently returned to their posts to work overtime together in order to make sure our frontline heroes have enough masks.Production lines that had stopped were quickly restarted.

Despite the increase in the price of raw materials and labor costs, Yichita has always insisted on not raising a penny and providing safe and reliable masks to our frontline health care workers and first responders.

As the first enterprise to be requisitioned for epidemic prevention materials in China, Shanghai Yunqing Industrial Co., Ltd received a letter from Shanghai government to thanks Yichita Team for all their contributions to the epidemic prevention.

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