For the fall semester, Memorial University is reintroducing mask rules in courses and labs.

For the fall semester, Memorial University is reintroducing mask rules in courses and labs.

During the fall semester, students on all campuses will be required to wear masks in classes and laboratories.
During the upcoming fall semester, students will be required to wear masks at Memorial University classes and laboratories on all campuses.

Masks will also be required in the Student Wellness and Counselling Centre in St. John’s, health facilities on the Grenfell Campus in Corner Brook, and COVID-19 testing sites, according to the university, according to an item on the MUN Gazette website.

Masks will not be required for instructors to wear when speaking, and the university will make exceptions for particular programs where NIOSH-approved N95 masks constitute “a impediment to communications and/or interfere with educational objectives.”

Masks will not be required in public places or offices, although they are “highly advised.”

“Masks are a simple and effective technique of controlling spread in places with a high population and limited mobility,” the university stated.

On March 14, Newfoundland and Labrador Public Health repealed its mask mandate, followed by the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District on May 24, and Memorial University on June 1.

In recent weeks, numerous Atlantic Canada universities, notably Dalhousie University and the University of New Brunswick, have stated that masks will be required on campus in certain circumstances once again. The Memorial University Student Union had requested that N95 masks be required during the autumn term as late as Tuesday.

Doctor’s notes will not be required for students who are unable to attend class, examinations, or other evaluations due to COVID-19, according to the university.

“As always, students should promptly notify their teachers of absences so that they can collaborate to ensure they can keep up with course work,” the institution added.

Despite the fact that the institution recommends COVID-19 vaccination, it has not re-implemented its vaccine obligation.

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