Why Every Manicurist Needs to Wear a NIOSH Approved N95 Masks

According to OSHA guidelines, manicurists are required to wear some types of NIOSH approved n95 masks:

“Manicurists should only use NIOSH N95 mask filtering facepiece respirators.
“N95s” are one type.
This type of respirator will:
• Help protect you from dust, viruses, and germs.
This type of respirator will not:
• Protect you from vapors or gases. Some N95s have filters that
reduce chemical odors, but they may not protect you from harmful
chemical exposure levels.
Filtering facepiece respirators may be helpful when you are:
• Buffing or filing artificial nails.
• Using acrylic powders.
You don’t need to wear the mask all the time, only when you are
working on a client. When you put on this mask, make sure your
hands are clean to avoid irritating your skin.
If your employer allows you to wear this type of respirator voluntarily,
then he/she must give you Appendix D of the OSHA Respiratory
Protection Standard, which explains some important information
about how to safely and effectively use your respirator.”

As a manicurist, protecting yourself and your customers is important. That’s why you need to make sure you’re wearing a NIOSH approved n95 mask.

Manicurists in salons, spas, and nail shops wear several types of personal protective equipment while on the job, including safety glasses and gloves to protect against infectious diseases and accidental scratches. But did you know that one of the best ways to protect your health and the health of your customers is wearing an face mask n95 ?

Most manicurists know that it’s important to wear gloves when doing manicures and pedicures, but many don’t realize that the right kind of masks are important as well! The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that every worker in an occupation where there is a risk of exposure to chemicals or other contaminants wear N95 masks when there’s no other way to protect the worker from such exposure. If you work in a salon or nail shop, you must wear NIOSH approved n95 masks while doing the nails or giving manicures or pedicures.

Puts A Layer Between Yourself And Your Client

As a manicurist, you are in close contact with your clients. You are also dealing with chemicals that can be harmful to your health. Wearing a NIOSH approved n95 mask can help protect you from both the chemicals and your clients. It is important to remember that not all masks are created equal. Make sure you are using a mask that is approved by NIOSH.

Puts A Layer Between Yourself And Your Client

All salon employees are required by OSHA to wear masks while working. This includes manicurists, who need to wear NIOSH approved n95 masks when helping customers with their nails. Wearing a mask protects both the manicurist and the customer from potential exposure to harmful chemicals and other contaminants. It is important for all salon employees to be aware of this requirement and to comply with it.

Can Reduce The Amount Of Bacteria In The Air By Up To 89%

A study recently found that when manicurists wear NIOSH approved n95 masks, it can reduce the amount of bacteria in the air by up to 89%. This is incredibly important because it means that there is less chance of customers becoming sick.

Keeps Dust Out Of Your Nose And Mouth

A good manicurist always wants to keep their customers happy and coming back for more business. But did you know that wearing a NIOSH approved N95 mask can help protect you from breathing in harmful dust particles?

Reduces The Amount Of Airborne Chemical Vapors In The Salon

Most people think that the only time a manicurist needs to wear an N95 mask is when they are working with acrylics. However, any time there are chemicals being used in the salon, there is the potential for airborne vapors. These vapors can be harmful to both the manicurist and the customer. Wearing an N95 mask reduces the amount of these vapors in the air and protects both the manicurist and the customer.

Helps Lessen The Chances Of Respiratory Infections

It’s no secret that nials salons can be full of germs and bacteria. And while most manicurists take measures to protect themselves, wearing a NIOSH approved N95 mask can help lessen the chances of respiratory infections.

What kinds of niosh n95 masks for sale recommend ?

1.3M NIOSH N95 mask

3M N95 masks produced has passed strict NIOSH certification. 3M is an American multinational conglomerate corporation operating in the fields of industry, worker safety, US health care, and consumer goods. And they possess most of the niosh N95 masks. The most influential product is 3M1860. The N95 respirator mask was developed by 3M and approved in 1972. Being able to filter viral particulates, its use was recommended during the COVID-19 pandemic but supply soon became short.

2.Honeywell NIOSH N95 mask

The Honeywell H910 N95 disposable face mask is a high quality and comfortable face mask that is suitable to most face types. It forms a tight seal to the face around the edges and over the bridge of the nose.

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