The number of new coronavirus vaccines in the United States has fallen sharply in a single day, and experts say the situation is “terrible”

The US “Capitol Hill” said on the 26th that the single-day vaccination volume of the new crown vaccine in the United States has dropped to the lowest level since 2020 because many Americans have not been vaccinated with the new crown vaccine booster.

According to the data of “our world in data” website, including all types of new coronavirus vaccines in the United States, the average vaccination dose in seven days has decreased to 127000 doses per day. Since January, this data has continued to decline, while the United States had been able to complete more than 1 million injections a day.

Although the proportion of American adults who have received two doses of the new coronavirus vaccine has risen to 75%, the proportion of people who have completed the booster injection of the new coronavirus vaccine lags far behind. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about half of the eligible U.S. population has not been vaccinated with booster shots. US media said that in the face of the Omicron mutant virus, it is particularly important to inoculate booster needles. This mutant virus may escape the protective effect of two doses of vaccine.

Jason Schwartz, a professor at Yale School of public health, said: “Today, the vaccine coverage in the United States is very poor. Most people in the nonvaccinated booster population are at high risk of infection from the perspective of age or other conditions.”

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