The issue of masks in the United States has again aroused controversy.

The American media satirized that the health system is like a “hodgepodge”
Around the time of COVID-19, there were many controversies and disputes about the wearing of masks and even what kind of masks to wear. US media pointed out that the US epidemic prevention guidelines are constantly changing and contradictory, and health institutions are like a “hodgepodge”.
In a 5 day article, the US “Politico” news website said COVID-19 entered the third year. American health agencies suggested that people do not need to wear higher protective respirators. On the issue of wearing N95 masks, the advice provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to local medical institutions is also contradictory. Against the background of such chaos, even the American Health Association said it did not know what advice to provide to the hospital.
Although the scientific community agreed that the N95 mask is the best defense against COVID-19, some medical organizations in the United States have not forced the use of N95 masks, but rather use medical surgical masks by health care workers and patients. CDC website suggests that damaged or soiled masks should not be worn. Therefore, some hospitals require patients to use the masks with poor protection provided by the hospital instead of N95 masks, or directly add another layer of masks on N95 masks.
CDC has also said that patients and visitors should not be required to take off N95 masks, nor should they stack masks together, which will affect the fit of masks and reduce the protection of N95 masks. However, hospitals across the United States require patients and visitors to remove N95 masks and replace them with less protective medical surgical masks. In this regard, CDC spokesman Christine norderon argued that CDC recommended that people going to medical institutions use the most suitable protective masks, which has not changed.
However, many health institutions, including the National Institutes of health, point out that CDC’s guidelines suggest that surgical masks are enough to withstand COVID-19. Public health experts and patient representatives believe that N95 mask should be the best standard for epidemic prevention, especially in terms of health.
US media pointed out that changing epidemic prevention advice and inconsistent epidemic prevention guidance not only make patients, but also make medical institutions confused about how to effectively prevent COVID-19 from spreading. The “hodgepodge system” of U.S. health agencies is deteriorating, and the requirements for masks may vary from place to place or from day to day.
Mia Ives lubury, a disability justice advocate of the American Center for progress, a us think tank, said frankly that the US epidemic prevention guidelines are very chaotic, “we have come to the third year of the epidemic, but we are not doing well in information transmission, which is worrying”.

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