How do Canadians purchase n95 masks?

NIOSH N95 Approval

N95 is a standard protective respirator in the United States, which is mainly sold in the United States market. So if Canadians want to buy N95 respirator, where can they buy it? Where can they guarantee that they can buy the real thing?
The following products are suitable for Canadians to purchase NIOSH certified N95 respirator products:

YICHITA YQD95 N95 Mask Paticulate Respirator NIOSH Approved


YICHITA YQD8008 N95 Mask NIOSH Respirator

yichitai yqd8008 yunqing tc 84a 9245 niosh headmounted original thumb

YICHITA YQD8008V N95 Mask With Valve Respirator

yichitai yqd8008v valved respirator headmounted cup n95 thumb

YICHITA n95 respirator is a well-known brand that mainly sells in North America, and this has CDC NIOSH approved, satisfied with daily protection.

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